Consumer Applications

For most people, email is the single most important data source they have. With Context.IO’s specialized set of calls, you can pull important messages, attachments, and threads for a mailbox. This allows you to easily create apps for document management, specialized data like flight itineraries, or communications among friends. The use cases for creating consumer applications on email are almost endless.



AirHelp gets your money back for cancelled or delayed flights. They use the Context.IO API to extract flight data and instantly check if any of your flights are eligible for compensation.

Context.IO gave us a simple API for accessing email across several providers. It made using email data a breeze. I recommend it to anyone who just want to get the job done instead of digging into low level system details.

—Valentin Mihov, AirHelp



Mailtime makes email as quick and easy as text messaging. It uses the Context.IO API to reformat emails into a conversation view. This is email reinvented for the smart phone.

"We really enjoyed working with Context.IO. It's easy to set up, and we got responsive support and feedback. As a startup, it means a lot to us that we start with the right partners. Without this great service, we would have never been able to support real-time push notifications before the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield when we first launched."

—Charlie Sheng, CMO of MailTime



Shopami organizes all the deals from your inbox into the app and allows you to receive push notifications when you are near a store that you have a deal for. Never miss another deal from your favorite brands.