Email is still the main form of communication between personal and business contacts. Use Context.IO to tap into the insight only email can provide. Improve sales, collaboration, and your bottom line by harnessing the rich data stored in email.



ActiveCampaign is the all-in-one marketing platform that helps grow your business while also saving you time thanks to its seamless experience.

"Implementing Context.IO, simply put, was easy. Their documentation is clear and has great depth. Their API allows us to provide functionality for our user's email accounts, regardless if they’re from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or custom IMAP. I can’t imagine providing the same functionality without using them. We’d literally need a whole dedicated team to work on just that."

—Tim Jahn, Product Developer



Contactually leverages Context.IO to significantly reduce the amount of development time they would otherwise have used building directly with IMAP.

"Context.IO's APIs have been very easy to implement. Their APIs provided everything we needed, and have helped reduce the amount of code we have to support. Furthermore, we've been in close contact with their support team, who have helped us with implementation questions, and resolved any issues we had."

—Jeff Carbonella, Lead Engineer at Contactually

Contactually offers a web-based personal start page with an integrated bookmarks manager, support for news feeds and a library with thousands of widgets that help you connect to popular services and custom data sources.