Context.IO Startup Program

Email is a universally adopted communications protocol that is growing everyday, with more new users projected in the next 2 years than all current Facebook users combined. However, as deeply ingrained as it is, for many of us, email is also a huge pain.

Until now, there hasn’t been an easy, reliable and quick way for developers to tap in the rich data contained in email accounts and build solutions for those pains. Context.IO is changing that.

If you’re a startup out to change the way we interact with email, we want to help you get your Context.IO powered product in the hands of a massive user base as fast as possible. That’s why we’ve put aside $1 Million of Context.IO API credits for startups building amazing things on email.

How does it work?

Send us a message at Selected startups will receive $25,000 of credits that can be applied to Context.IO usage. This $25,000 can be renewed once, for a total of $50,000, if your startup still meets the selection criteria.

Who is Eligible?

Your startup is eligible if:

  1. You raised less than $3 million in total funding to date;
  2. You already have a Context.IO API key with at least 1000 mailboxes connected to it. In other words, you're on your way to reach the limits of our free quota of 5000 mailboxes;
  3. You’re building something exceptional with email data.