Privacy FAQ

Do you read other people's email?

No, we barely have enough time to keep-up with our own emails, we don’t have time to start reading other people's email :)

More seriously, that's just none of our business and our developer console purposefully obfuscates message bodies and attachments to make sure it wouldn't be easy to browse such private info.

You must do something with that data, right?

Parts of it yes, the commercial email campaigns to be more precise. Email accounts connected through Context.IO are included in the Return Path Panel, an anonymized and aggregated report about commercial email campaigns these accounts receive.

When we say "anonymized and aggregated", what we mean is if you take any random record from that report it will be impossible for you to trace it back to a single origin email account, let alone know who owns that email account.

These anonymized and aggregated reports are used to power some of Return Path's products to:

  • Help spam filters be more precise,
  • Quickly detect when a certified sender IP is compromised,
  • Prevent senders posing as legitimate entities to defraud you of sensitive information,
  • Provide actionable feedback to senders about their campaigns so they can adopt best practices (ie. stop sending campaigns too many people reject as spam and send messages people actually read).

Can my users opt-out of the Return Path Panel?

Your end-users can learn more about how we use email data and may individually opt-out of our anonymous data panel by visiting our Opt Out page.

This opt-out form cannot be hidden nor can you opt-out on a user's behalf individually or in bulk - end users must complete it themselves.

Will I be charged additional fees if some of my users choose to opt-out of the Return Path Panel?

Not at all.

Do I need to include something special about the Return Path Panel in my own privacy policy?

Yes you do. Your privacy policy must include a mention that you are sharing non-personally identifiable information with 3rd parties. We recommend this text for your Terms of Service/Privacy Policy.

"This application is built using Context.IO technology. If you wish to opt out of sharing your information with Context.IO Providers, you may do so at"

When I connect email accounts to my API key, can it be accessed by other API keys?

No, each API key can only access accounts they connect themselves.

There is no possible way to gain access to an email account through Context.IO if you don't have the explicit information and authorization required to access that account directly by yourself.

Are you adding my users to mailing lists or sending them more email in any way?

Absolutely not! Return Path even offers OtherInbox Unsubscriber, a free tool to let end-users easily unsubscribe from campaigns they no longer wish to receive.

As we always have, Return Path believes people’s inboxes should only contain emails they actually want and we act accordingly.

Are you helping advertisers target ads to my users or letting marketers send them unsollicited campaigns?

No, we're neither an ad network nor a direct marketing data vendor.

Someone could certainly build an ad network using Context.IO but as mentioned in a question above, they would still need to recruit their own users and get them to register to their specific app. There would be no way for them to gain access to a pool of accounts without explicit authorization from their owner.

Are you reselling my users addresses to mailing lists or third parties?

Never have, never will. We hate that just as much as you do.