Connecting Mailboxes to your App

  1. Your application owns one Context.IO API key
  2. For each user account in your app, you create an account with your API key.
  3. Your users have one or more email accounts. You connect each of them as a source for the corresponding account.

As soon as a mailbox is connected, we create a metadata index of its content starting from the most recent emails which become available from the API within seconds.

The Quick & Easy Way: connect_tokens

You simply add a "connect my mailbox" button and then create a new connect token when a user wants to connect their account.

The "Full-Control" Way: API Calls

Control the user flow and simply call our API to create accounts and sources under these accounts.

Using OAuth2 for Gmail Access

We support OAuth2 as the preferred way to connect Gmail and Google Apps mailboxes. You can even use your own Google OAuth consumer to make sure users authorize your app explicitly.