Supported methods


GET: Fetch the message body of a given email

/users/id/email_accounts/label/folders/folder/messages/message_id/bodytest it
idUnique id of a user accessible through your API key
labelThe label property of the email account instance. You can use 0 as an alias for the first email account of a user.
folderThe full folder path using / as the path hierarchy delimiter.
message_idUnique id of a message. This must be a email_message_id of an existing message in the thread.


delimiterstringIf / isn't fancy enough as a hierarchy delimiter when specifying the folder you want to obtain, you're free to use what you want, just make sure you set this delimiter parameter to tell us what you're using.
typestringMany emails are sent with both rich text and plain text versions in the message body and by default, the response of this call will include both. It is possible to only get either the plain or rich text version by setting the type parameter to text/plain or text/html respectively.

Response body

    "type": stringMIME type of message part being fetched,
    "charset": stringencoding of the characters in the part of message,
    "content": stringthe actual content of the message part being pulled,
    "body_section": stringindicating position of the part in the body structure,

If you want to fetch headers, body and flags for a given message, you can use the related include_* GET parameters on the message instance to get them all in a single call.

Retrieving attachments

This call only returns text portions of messages; retrieving attachments isn't supported in this version.