Rate limits

There are a few rate limits a developer should keep in mind when using the Context.IO API:

  • Limit on overall calls to the API
  • Limit on calls to IMAP
  • Initial user limit

If you encounter a rate limit, you will likely see a 429 HTTP status code with an error message.

Rate limit on overall calls to the API

A new developer is set to have a maximum of 5,000 calls to the API per hour to start with. As applications grow, we work with developers to increase this limit. Reach out to support@context.io for any questions regarding this initial overall call limit.

Receiving webhooks does not count against this call limit. We recommend developers leverage webhooks in order to reduce calls to the API.

Rate limit on calls to IMAP

Lite has a rate limit of 240 calls to IMAP per user, per minute. This call is a restriction imposed by IMAP that cannot be lifted.

Receiving webhooks does not count against this call limit. We recommend developers leverage webhooks set-up to include message bodies and headers in order to reduce calls to IMAP.

Calls to IMAP are any call that gets a message body, headers, source, or folders:

  • GET lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages
  • GET lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages/{message_id}
  • POST lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages/{message_id}
  • GET lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages/{message_id}/attachments
  • GET lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages/{message_id}/attachments/{attachment}
  • GET lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages/{message_id}/body
  • GET lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages/{message_id}/flags
  • GET lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages/{message_id}/headers
  • GET lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages/{message_id}/raw
  • GET lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages/{message_id}/read
  • POST lite/users/{id}/email_accounts/{label}/folders/{folder}/messages/{message_id}/read

Initial user limit

There is a limit of 100 users for new developers. This limit is lifted once Context.IO can verify that the application has a Privacy Policy that states Context.IO is being used and allows users to opt-out of data share via our opt out form.

Example verbiage you can use in your application's Privacy Policy:

This application is built using Context.IO technology. If you wish to opt-out of sharing your information with Context.IO Providers, you may do so at optout.context.io.

To have the initial user limit lifted, please email support@context.io with a live link to your application's privacy policy in production.