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Context.IO is the easiest way to integrate email into any application.

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Context.IO is a modern, scalable email API that brings IMAP into the 21st century.

email data

Email as a data source

Enrich your application with email data: contacts, attachments, receipts, reservations, travel information, and much more.

email providers

Connect any email account from major providers

Context.IO can connect to any IMAP enabled email including Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, and more.


Real-time notifications

Get near real-time notifications for new and sent messages via webhooks. We offer rich filtering features to ensure you only get the data you need.


The right price

Context.IO is free to use for most cases, but we offer flexible pricing tiers for companies of any size.

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Context.IO is helping hundreds of applications deliver meaningful experiences to millions of users.


CRM & sales automation

Improve your CRM or sales application with inbound and outbound messages to help strengthen your value proposition.

piggy bank

Money savings

Create applications that help end-users track their spending and save money.


Email utilities

Help your users automate email workflows and keep a clean inbox.