Mailboxes know a lot. Use them.

Context.IO is a REST email API that makes it easy and fast
to integrate your users' email data in your application.

Save Time, Resources and Money

Context.IO takes care of syncing email data for your app so you don't have to build, scale and maintain this infrastructure yourself.

Focus on what's unique to your business, we'll manage the technical details of integrating with arcane email server protocols.


  • ContactsRecipients and senders with stats like message count and latest sent/received.
  • FilesEach attachment has a unique id to access its content and history.
  • MessagesQuery messages by contact, folder, dates, subject. Get the parsed body and headers.
  • ThreadsEasily get the list of messages in a thread no matter what folder messages are in.
  • WebHooksGet rule-based notifications POSTed to your app.
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